CircuitLogix Student

CircuitLogix Student 7.04

CircuitLogix is a software which works with electronics

CircuitLogix is a software program that converts your personal computer into a fully-functioning electronics laboratory with thousands of components and devices that are easily interconnected. CircuitLogix electronics lab simulation provides fast, powerful schematic design and simulation in one complete program. It gives you the flexibility to design and test electronic circuits, trying all the "what if" scenarios without ever worrying about faulty parts or bad connections. CircuitLogix supports analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits, and its proven SPICE simulation gives accurate real-world results you can trust.

CircuitLogix Student Version is intended strictly for use by students on their personal computer. The professional version of CircuitLogix can be used by schools, educational institutions, training organizations, etc. While the core products are the same, the professional version of CircuitLogix has additional models and other simulation and export features that are not in the student version.

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